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Girls Trip to Cancun - My 30th Birthday!

​Oh how it feels to turn the big 3-0! For the last year in my 20s, I had a daunting feeling about turning 30. There were so many unanswered questions and simply feeling like I haven't accomplished everything on my "Before-I-turn-30" bucket list. But I am here to say, I'm finally 30, and I feel fabulous!

In theory, having a January birthday kinda sucks. It's right after the happy and joyous holiday season, then followed by Valentines Day. January is just... depressing. So for my 30th birthday, I decided I wanted to celebrate it somewhere tropical- thank goodness I did! It ended up snowing in Memphis that weekend!

Surrounded by my sweet friends from across the US, we made our way to Cancun, Mexico for a 4-day trip!

Girl Squad Photoshoot on the Beach

Can't you tell it was super windy in this photo? Haha! We had an absolute BLAST with our beach photoshoot! I loved how these Pink #Happy Tops and Ice Cream Floats turned out! I'm a huge fan of anything bright and colorful! Follow me on Instagram for more fun photos! @sprinklecreative

Girl Squad Photoshoot on the Beach - Beach Bums

Cenote Hubiku: This Cenote was absolutely beautiful! It was freezing at first but totally worth the swim! Water was trickling down in the center of the Cenote, and I was able to shoot some fun shots with my GoPro!

Mexican Building Photoshoot

I'm a huge fan of colorful walls!

When in Mexico-- Tequila shots!

Girl Squad Photoshoot on the Beach

Mayan Ruins: Here we are in front of the Temple of Kukulkan (aka El Castillo) in Chichen Itza, Yukatan. It was awarded one of the New 7 Wonders of the World in 2006.

Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico: Downtown Valladolid is filled with history and vibrant colors! The Cathedral of San Gervasio was originally built in the 1500s.

OMG the walls and floors here!! #InstaWorthy!

Absolutely LOVED traveling with my sweet girls, and I encourage you to get your girlfriends/guyfriends together and go on an adventure! Next trip: Europe? Japan? I need to start planning now! Until then, live creatively!

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