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A Surprise Proposal at Annesdale Mansion - Breslin & Tarvin

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Keeping secrets and surprises can be SUPER challenging. Especially when it’s for one of your best friends. When Tarvin told me it was time to pop the question, I was ecstatic—and my mind immediately began racing on the best spots to shoot this beautiful couple! Thankfully, these two were already planning a photoshoot for their dating anniversary, so I was able to take a day and go explore with Breslin for the perfect “photoshoot” location. Little did she know she was picking the spot she would remember forever!

After touring some locations around Memphis, we picked Annesdale Mansion as the perfect spot! The classic regality was perfect for these two, and I had some great shots in mind before we had even finished the tour!

We started out like any other photoshoot to get the initial photo nerves out and make sure we would surprise Breslin when the time was right! The first stop was just inside on the steps with a flash and beauty dish to light up this gorgeous staircase and ended up with some great shots that remind me of oil paintings—perfect for the setting, if you ask me!

Moving to the second floor, we went to the balcony room for some wonderful natural light. I had my handsome assistant, Justin, use a reflector to keep the light from being too harsh for these lovely shots.

Finally moving to the deck, this was the big moment! I had Breslin look "out yonder" while Tarvin set up with the ring, and Justin got the video rolling! Then I told Breslin to look back at me so she would see Tarvin out of the corner of her eye and let the magic happen! Swipe to relive the moment!

Finally, I had one more surprise up my sleeve for these lovebirds! They were going to dinner after the shoot near Shelby Farms, so I brought some Champaign to celebrate! And my little red couch for some more photos, of course! I couldn’t be happier with how these came out with the Champaign looking like snowfall! Haters gonna say it’s fake - haha!

Ooo isn't this Freixenet Prosecco bottle just dreamy? And delicious, too!

Congratulations my beautiful friends! I can't wait to celebrate your big day this year!

Oh hey! Need help planning your engagement and capturing the moment?

Thanks for reading!


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