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Downtown Memphis Birthday Photo Session - Shivonne

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Y'all, can we talk about taking some time away from everyday life and doing something special for yourself? Well, learn this valuable lesson from our Birthday Girl, Shivonne! As we all know, Covid has delayed, or out-right canceled, a lot of celebrations over the past 2 years, but for Shivonne, she decided that now is the time to celebrate the Fabulous 40th Birthday in the heart of Memphis, TN!

I'm always so pumped up for planning photoshoots! We first created a Pinterest board to set the vision and mood for our shoot. Then Shivonne picked out some outfits she knew she would look FAB in!

Paired with Memphis Central Station Hotel's iconic speaker wall and some Main Street murals, this birthday girl was ready for her fashionista photoshoot!

Memphis Murals are my favorite! This Mural is called "The Sound of Memphis" by @DamonLamarReed & @pugsatomz.

Ooo! This dress was so MAGICAL! And so FUN!

This colorful mural is called "Day in the Life" by @AlivePaint & @FlightofFancyCo.

Yass! Everyone needs a POP of Champagne on your Birthday!

Gotta love Memphis! We were walking over to the next photo location, and I noticed a beautiful yellow and red trolly coming down the tracks. I quickly asked Shivonne to turn to me and pose! The Trolly Operator spotted us and slowed down for this shot! Definitely passed the vibe check! Here's a behind the scenes on my TikTok!

And when your family name is Beale... and you're in Memphis, TN... you KNOW we had to pop over to Beale Street! It was a beautiful day, and the crowd SHOWED OUT! This birthday girl was getting compliments left and right about her bomb-a$$ outfit -- and it was well deserved!! Shivonne was dressed to the nines and sparkling like diamonds.

Oooo love me a good sun-flair photo! Shivonne was glowing!

... and serving the VOGUE poses!

Happy Birthday, Shivonne! So happy we were able to plan and snap these beautiful photos for your special day!

Oh hey! Got a Birthday coming up?! Let's capture those moments to last a lifetime!

Thanks for reading and shine on!

Stephanie & Justin

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